Purposes behind Using a Heated Centrifuge

A warmed rotator is utilized principally on the grounds that the interaction of centrifugation comes at various temperatures. Centrifugation creates heat which fluctuates in various sorts of rotators. The change in calm can without a doubt influence the result of temperature-touchy fluid examples. Subsequently, this is the place where warmed rotators come in as a vital device.

heated centrifuge

Coming up next are explanations behind utilizing a warmed axis:

  • To encourage test detachment.
  • Determine silt, dairy, and on account of oil items.

The temperature during the interaction of centrifugation is influenced by these three variables: rotor material, rotor shape, and speed. The strong modern unit that is the Rotofix 46 H is a warmed axis worth taking a gander at. It has a warmed choice of up to +90 °C as chamber temperature.

The Rotofix 46 H is an ideal axis for research and mechanical labs. This heated centrifuge apparatus is demonstrated to be hearty and can withstand concentrated use, even in the field. Claim to fame cans can hold ASTM pear-molded and cone shaped tubes for petrol testing. Look at its determinations in numbers:

MAX. Limit:

4 x 290 ml | 4 x 100 ml


3,095 | 984


4,000 min-1 | 2,000 min-1


approx. 60 kg



Measurements (W x D x H):

538 x 647 x 345 mm